2050 Rapid Transit Concept

Conceptual Train designed to be printed using SLA, SLS, and SLA clear. Responsible for design, CAD modelling and prototype finishing/painting.

Designed to travel anywhere, any time, no matter the conditions. this future engine features a “self-printing” track system. Terrain and distance analysis allows the route to be as fast as possible, not limited by exisiting rails.

The printing material is 100% reusable and compostable, which allows the rails to be lifted at the final cart. No trace left behind. The train is powered through hydro-electric fusion energy. Side rotators indicate when fusion is active, and the large turbine transfers the energy to propell the train.

Train uses friction-free MAGLEV, allowing both the system and rails to be wear-free and no transfer of materials to the rails.

  • For Hyphen Prototyping and Testing Services

  • Date September 2016

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